Email has its history, and it’s purpose, but there is no real technical reason for the code we use today to produce and render our emails.

And we are planning to change that.

Today in 21st Century we use 20th Century technology! And the question is why? And the reason is not very complex; we just have to look at who is controlling the emails today.

86% are sent, received and opened by these companies:
49% Apple
26% Google
11% Microsoft

And these companies are trying to prevent us from using email as a fully grown up product with all its technical advantages for distributing email messages.

Why they are doing it?

To protect and control their advertising market.

They are controlling the distribution of rich and professionally looking messages like Advertisement, Commercials, Banners or call them Spam because there is always someone paying to distribute them. And paying a lot of money. Billions and billions to be more precise.

Email is accessible and  inexpensive

When we are sending out emails to our client, prospect, supplier and others, we do not pay much for this service. For the majority of companies, this is the most cost efficient  method for distributing our messages. And the big boys do not earn much on it.

To stop you using this inexpensive way to efficiently communicate with your clients, they are inventing many artificial obstacles and barriers.

They are claiming that it is better for you not to send any pictures, and forget about videos, even using colours is a risky business.

Plain text will be the best.

But we should call that service Pony Express, or maybe Telegraph as those were the services where they used white surfaces with black letters on it.

Demand and pressure are growing

The demand for better and nicer professionally designed emails for small and medium sized companies is growing and a need to communicate with all benefits that email as a communication tool offers us. The need is obvious, relevant and persistent. The pressure is growing, and the big companies are slowly giving in. HTLM designed emails are coming.

In Apple Mail and Microsoft Outlook there is already a possibility to import the HTLM files in their software and Gmail is getting there too.

We demand and provide better email services

So the time has come, not only to demand better email services but to switch and start using it. The obstacles and barriers are disappearing like last year’s snow under the spring sun, and the future is bright for HTML email design.
We want to have the “old times” back, when every new company went to a printing house or a local designer, ordered their business letterhead, and business cards in their own company style. And they were all excited and proud about it.

We do not use paper anymore, but this need is still there. And now you can be excited and proud again.

We can help you on the way to better and nicer email world.

Who will adopt first will also get the benefits first!